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Breast augmentation is adding volume to a breast with a implant, either saline (water) or silicone (gel). The reasons women choose to undergo augmentation vary: (1) their breast do not fit their body (2) deflation after pregnancy or (3) they simply want to be bigger. By adding volume, breast augmentation makes the breast fuller and firmer (not hard) with a better proportion.

Individualized Approach- The Right Breasts for Your Body

Dr. Becker takes the time to understand your aesthetic goal: what you want to look like at the end of the procedure.  He realizes that a “cookie cutter” approach will yield average or sub-par results. Achieving the best result is a combination of (1) open and honest communication between the patient and the doctor (2) knowledge of anatomy i.e. knowing what size implant the breast can accommodate safely (3) artistic eye i.e. knowing what looks good and (4) precise surgical technique. Together, the patient and Dr. Becker choose the right implant for her breasts, to achieve the result she wants.  The same compassionate care, attention to detail, artistic vision and meticulous surgical technique that made him a highly sought after breast reconstruction surgeon is applied to augmentation patients. His approach starts with a thorough consultation to discuss your goals followed by a physical exam to determine your breast unique characteristics and finally a review of the different options available to you.



Oversized breast can cause a variety of problems including: back, neck and shoulder pain, skin irritation and shoulder grooves from bra straps.  The size of the breasts can not only limit the clothes you can wear but also the activities you can participate in or the type of work you can perform.

A reduction mammaplasty reduces the excess tissue, places the nipple in the proper position and reshapes the breast. By removing the excess tissue and elevating the remaining tissue, the strain on the back and neck are lessened.



Over a woman’s lifetime, the shape of breast change due to loss of skin elasticity, and changes in volume.  Pregnancy/breast feeding,  weightloss and normal changes associated with aging cause the skin to loosen the breast to drop.

A mastopexy, or breast lift, repositions the nipple and reshapes the breast to create a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.  If more volume is needed/desired an implant can be placed at the same time or later (depending on the breast).



While some plastic surgeons make cosmetic surgery the primary, or sole, focus of their practice, Dr. Becker feels that reconstructive surgery is an important part of his practice.


Breast cancer will effect one in eight women and breast reconstruction is an important part of the healing process. Dr. Becker’s excellence in this field has been recognized locally, a 2013 Susan G. Koman Pink Tie Guy, and he has been an invited speaker on the topic.

Dr. Becker performs breast reconstruction after complete and partial mastectomies.  It can be done immediately or at any time afterwards. You and Dr. Becker will discuss all the available options and determine the optimal treatment plan.



Surgery for skin cancer can involve a variety of cosmetically sensitive areas such as the lips, eyelid, nose and ear. Dr. Becker will discuss with you all the options in order to restore your pre-surgical appearance.



Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is complicated. Unexpected complications and poor aesthetic results can occur. Dr. Becker is well versed in revision surgery, whether the result of cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction or breast implants.



Childbearing can its toll on a woman’s body, effecting the breast and the abdomen.  A Mommy Makeover addresses both of these areas to get back your pre-baby body. Breast rejuvenation typically involves a breast lift, a breast implant or both.  These procedures will correct the change in nipple position, and loss of volume that can occur with pregnancy and breast feeding.  Tummy rejuvenation typically involves an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Stretching of the abdominal muscles causes the muscles to separate and the skin to loosen. The tummy tuck will close the space between the muscles and remove the excess skin.




Body contouring refers to a variety of surgical procedures used to create a slimmer, more shapely profile. Whether it is stubborn pockets of fat or excess skin, Dr. Becker will work with you to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.


Liposuction is a safe and effective method used to target specific areas of fat deposition that have not responded to diet and/or exercise. Once the fat is removed, the skin will shrink resulting in a smooth, slimmer contour.


The tummy tuck will close the space between the muscles and remove the excess skin. This procedure is especially useful for women who are finished with childbearing and weightloss patients.


After losing a large amount of weight, there is an abundance of excess skin. Unfortunately, the skin has been stretched for so long that it has lost its elasticity and can’t shrink. In cases such as this, the excess skin has to be removed and the remaining skin is tailored specifically to your body.


This procedure removes the excess skin from midsection, thighs and buttocks.


After massive weight loss, there is deflation of the medial thigh. This procedure will remove the excess skin and elevate the remaining skin to improve the contour of the inner thigh and knee.


Much like the legs, there is profound deflation in the arms, often extending onto the chest, with massive weight loss. This procedure will remove the excess skin from upper arm, restoring the natural shape and proportion.


Deflation of the upper trunk/chest results in excess along the bra roll area in women and a sagging chest in men. Dr. Becker can remove the excess skin and tailor what remains to restore a slim contour in women and create a flat chest in men.

Dr. Becker enjoys engaging in his community. He is honored to be a Susan G. Komen Knoxville Pink Tie Guy, leads a team and participates in Race for the Cure and Shoot for the Cure, and is a frequent invited speaker at Young Survivors.

“Meticulous” is a word often associated with Dr. Becker in the operating room. He is a gifted plastic surgeon with expertise in multiple facets of cosmetic, reconstructive and minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures.

When considering cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery, it is important to choose a surgeon with a keen aesthetic sense, strong surgical skills, a commitment to patient education, and a heart for providing compassionate care.

Dr. Becker believes the most valuable asset he has to offer is time: time to educate and talk with the patient in order to make sure the goals can and will be met and taking time in the operating room to make sure everything is the absolute best it can be.



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